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Special Programs

At Little Flower, we integrate Special Programs to enhance the learning experience for the children. These programs are designed to enrich specific educational areas as well as supplement the overall experience of Child Care at Little Flower.

Religious Readiness / “Jesus Time”

Each day the children participate in “Jesus Time.” During these lessons the children become familiar with scripture, lives of the saints, and doctrinal truths through stories, pictures, songs, dance, prayer, role-play, puppets and videos.   Children are introduced to the existence of their Creator, the beauty of nature, and learn to develop a relationship with Jesus as their Friend Who will help them and take care of them.  They learn that they can talk to Him anytime, anyplace, and that He will hear their prayers. Religious experiences continue throughout the day at Little Flower. They are taught to apply what they are learning through their interaction with others.


At Little Flower, we have computers for our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes.  We utilize the computers as effective tools to enhance reading and math readiness.


The students at Little Flower are exposed to Spanish as a second language, and the children are taught basic words through conversation, games, songs and rhymes so that they are able to identify objects and make simple requests in Spanish.

Multipurpose Room

We have a multipurpose room where teachers may take their children for gymnastics, large motor indoor games, music and art.

Service Programs

The children and their families are invited to participate in various programs throughout the year to instill in the children the importance of God’s call for us to help others who are in need.  They are helped to understand that whatever they do for someone else, they do for Jesus.

  •  Thanksgiving Project: The students are invited to bring in donations of canned goods or dried foods that are non-perishable. All donations are taken to the Food Bank in Los Angeles
  • Christmas Project: Gift donations are collected and given to the Fire department for families in need.

  • Catholic Schools Week: Children bring in donations for needy organizations such as Catholic Charities and/or the Fred Jordan Mission on skid row.
  • Recycling Day: Children also bring in empty cans and plastic containers for recycling. Funds collected go to a charitable organization.
  • Jump for Heart: This is an annual event where we ask all our families to participate and seek donations from grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends for the “American Heart Association.” There is no minimum amount required. In addition to teaching the children the importance of helping others it reinforces the importance of health and exercise for our hearts, no only for our children but also for all our families! The children have lots of fun and earn prizes. All donations are tax deductible!
  • St. Jude’s Trike-A-Thon: Funds are collected for St. Jude’s to help fight cancer. The children learn bike safety and the importance of helping others – all while having fun!

At Little Flower, we also provide summer program opportunities. Please click here for more information.