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Potty Training

“I am so appreciative of the way that Little Flower is helping me to potty train my child. It makes all the difference in the world because I have to work outside my home.”

– Little Flower Parent

At this level, a well-developed sequential and developmentally appropriate curriculum prepared by the Carmelite Sisters and staff is implemented.

Potty training is provided by our experienced and caring staff to 2 and 3 year old children in need of this assistance. Potty training is the primary part of this curriculum. The children in potty training are made comfortable by bonding with their teachers and peer group. Personal care, meal times, play time and napping provide opportunities to build close relationships. Consistency in daily routines is essential. The children are also helped to build independent skills. They are introduced to all areas of the school curriculum.  Social-emotional skills and language development are especially emphasized at this level.

See below for the daily schedule.


Potty Trainers Schedule

Potty Trainers Schedule