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Pre-School | 2-3 years

A well-developed sequential and developmentally appropriate curriculum prepared by the Carmelite Sisters and staff is implemented. Little Flower offers a learning readiness program in a self-paces setting. They learn all they need to be successful students in kindergarten and beyond.

The integrated curriculum for our Pre-School includes:

Language and Literacy

  • At Little Flower, we use a variety of children’s literature to promote a love of reading. Our daily activities develop reading and writing skills and introduce important literacy concepts. The children are also introduced to letters and ways to develop phonics skills and sight word recognition.

Math Skills

  • Our math program involves introducing the students to the world of numbers through sorting, grouping, counting, and number recognition. Our students also receive a foundation in geometric figures.

Social/Emotional Skills

  • We understand the importance of developing healthy and positive social and emotional skills. Therefore, we provide and facilitate activities that encourage our students to talk, listen, share, take turns, cooperate, and develop good manners as they interact with friends. The children learn the value of giving and receiving feedback, of forgiving, and are given opportunities to develop strong communication skills. Positive reinforcement helps children realize the importance of being a team player and refines skills needed to flourish in a social environment. United with an attitude of faith the children learn that each person is special because God made them and this encourages them see the need to respect themselves and others.

Creativity and Imagination

  • Dramatic play, music and art activities give every child the opportunity to showcase their abundant creativity. We encourage all children to express their ideas in order to help build confidence, independence and imagination.

Physical Development

  • At Little Flower, we incorporate lessons that help the children develop large motor skills-running, jumping, throwing and kicking-and practice fine motor skills, such as writing, drawing, cutting and other activities.
  • The children are also taught the importance of nutrition, exercise and rest which are designed to teach children the importance of building healthy lifestyle habits.

Science/Social Studies

  • Many opportunities are provided for the children to learn about the exciting world where we live and its wonder. These are introduced through lessons on community helpers, cooking experiences, water and sand play, hands-on-activities that encourage health curiosity and much more.


  • Play is an essential vehicle through which very young children learn basic educational and life skills and develop character. Play is their work! The students’ learning experiences take priority over finished paper products. Therefore the children will not be taking home daily paper work. At this age children learn far more through play and hands on activities.

In particular, our pre-school program includes:

  • Religious Formation
  • Communication Skills/ Problem Solving/ Critical Thinking
  • Reading Readiness
  • Math Foundational Skills
  • Science
  • Fine Arts
  • Language Arts
  • Social/Emotional Development
  • Physical Motor Development
  • Spanish
  • Potty Training
  • Creativity and Imagination Building
  • Play-Based Learning Activities

Little Flower is a fully licensed child care center.

Please see below for the daily schedule.Pre-School Schedule_2014 new

Pre-School Schedule

Pre-School Schedule